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What is Qualculus?

Qualculus is a framework used for the analysis and design of computer programs and systems.

How is Qualculus used?

First, Qualculus can be used to analyse data. Data in Qualculus is represented by square brackets such as [Name].
In this case Name may be a varible which holds data.
The square brackets are actually a shorthand for something else in Qualculus but that will be discussed later.

The square brackets can represent any kind of data such as variables, arrays, lists, tuples, dictionaries, and tables.
Data can also be shown as a value in literal text using quotes:

["John Smith"]

Data can be broken down further using a comma to separate items of data into a list:

[FirstName, LastName]

Let's start with something you may be familiar with, relational databases.

Simular to a list, a database table contains multiple fields. For example a table called Contacts may contain First Name, Last Name, Email and Phone Number.
This may be represented as follows:

[FirstName, Last Name, Email, PhoneNumber]

A table is also an example where data can be multi-dimensional, there can be multiple records of several people in a table not just one person.
In Qualculus you only need to show what you want to show. For example if you are only dealing with names you can simply show the names:

[FirstName, LastName,]

If you want to show there are more fields you can put three dots at the end:

[FirstName, LastName,...]

A data relationship can be shown between two tables.
For a one to one relationship, a colon is used:

[FirstName, LastName]:[Address, City, State, Zip]

This can correspond to John Smith who owns only one house in Madison Wisconsin:

['John', 'Smith']:['123 Main Street','Madison','WI','68017']

But what about Bob, John's brother? He owns two houses, one in Madison Wisconsin and one in Orlando Florida.
In this case there is a one to many relationship between bob and his addresses because he owns more than one house
This is represented using the semi-colon:

    ['Bob','Smith'];[ '233 Wherever Street', 'Madison', 'WI', '68022'
                       '112 Somewhere Street', 'Orlando', 'FL', '71234']

Notice that there are two address records.
What if you want to use the same structure to represent the records for both Bob and John?
If the semi-colon represents one or more related data items then this structure would look like this:

[FirstName, LastName]:[Address, City, State, Zip]

What does [Name] and [Address] really represent? There are two ways to answer this. First since Qualculus is a Dynamic Framework, you can define your elements to represent whatever you want them to. You can show what you defined then as using a "Where" definition. More about this later.

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